05. 09. 2016

Arcticle about moving of museum depositories

Interesting article about logistics and management of the museum collection during moving of depositories Museum of Decorative ...

23. 03. 2016

Conference - Fenomén kultúrneho dedičstva v spoločnosti III.

On April 13th paper entitled Museion - a comprehensive solution for the collection management will be performed by Mgr. Pavel ...

29. 02. 2016

Version MUSEION 2.0

29.2.2016 was launched new version MUSEION 2.0. With new version there are new evidence record cards (militaria and numismatics).

20. 11. 2015

Project Touch the 20th Century

Project Dotkni se 20. století!, developed by MUSOFT.CZ, was awarded by international prize Comenius EduMedia Siegel and Erasmus ...

24. 09. 2015

MUSEION version 1.8

23.9.2015 new version MUSEION 1.8 was launched. All about news in MUSEION, as new types of evidence card,  you will learnd on a ...


15. 06. 2015

National aggregator in eCulture world

MUSOFT.CZ together with the National Museum invites you to a seminar National eCulture aggregator in the world, which will be ...
25. 09. 2014

Archeological discovery

V následující verzi Museion lokalizaci archeologického objevu budou zpřesněny o možnost zapsat souřadnice v systému WGS-84 ...

10. 01. 2014

Registration and presentation of world-renowned architect's work

We prepare complex registration, presentation and virtual tour of realized works of world-renowned architect. More information ...

05. 03. 2013


We have completed the analysis of the second development stage of MUSEION and started programming. Version MUSEION 2.0 will ...


developed and tuned for the needs of museums and art galleries of
all sizes,
operable in hosted and server solutions,
based on Europe-wide registration standards,
certified by


From 1 January 2013 we offer comprehensive, guaranteed online services. The hosted version of MUSEION runs in the CLOUD environment of MUSOFT.CZ company, with guaranteed availability of services 99,98%. A fully professional solution placed in a data centre reaches the quality and warranty, which in conditions of memory institutions cannot be achieved. Professional HW and SW management together with a secure backup (within the frame of SMS MUSEION it is possible to user-generate and download a full backup anytime)

The online services offer includes the Collection Management System MUSEION, a lite version MUSEION CATALOGUE, comprehensive tools for memory institutions (implementing watermarks to images, subtitles to videos and sounds, QR generators and barcodes...) MUSEION TOOLS and central applications for management and founders MUSEION CENTRAL.

From April 1, 2013, five museums actively use online services to register collections and others for testing and training.


is a full version of MUSOFT.CZ collections management system​, operated online by MUSOFT.CZ company, offering a complete registration of collections, debugging tools and publishing interface in a professional environment . Investments in server infrastructure, backup and administration leave up to us. And what about data? They will be maximally safe. You can generate and download a full backup of your data anytime. You can find more information about MUSEION ONLINE here.

To login to the online registration portal MUSEION ONLINE click here:


is a special version of MUSEION that offers professional and guaranteed online collection recording for a revolutionary price, comparable to a payment for the energy consumed by a small server.

If you are looking for a quality registration, management and publishing of collections, if you want to work in a modern and safe environment, but you do not have the opportunity to invest in the full version of MUSEION, MUSEION CATALOGUE is an ideal solution for you. You can find more information about SES MUSEION CATALOGUE here.

To login to the online registration portal MUSEION CATALOGUE click here:




is a set of comprehensive tools for memory institutions. You can online easily implement watermarks to photographs and generate their thumbnails according to requirements, install subtitles and watermarks to videos and sounds, generate QR codes and barcodes including their printing e.g. on self-adhesive labels among other things.

If you have purchased a licence MUSEION or MUSEION CATALOGUE, you can use Tools completely free. In case of insufficient credit, please contact our sales department.

To login to the MUSEION TOOLS system



is a special version of MUSEION, used to administer the national publishing portal (the aggregator of Czech cultural heritage for The portal is operated by the National Museum and MUSOFT.CZ and allows to record and publish collection items for all museums and galleries in one place, to search in detail, to organize virtual exhibitions, collecting events and to publish data to other portals that use collections – e.g. learning portal

To login to MUSEION CATALOGUE, click here:


is a special extension of collection management system MUSEION , offering complete reports and statistics for management – reports on the status of collections and their record keeping, summaries of activities of individual departments and employees. Managerial reports are a useful tool in asset and insurance tracking, inspection and work evaluation, digital management of collections and solving crisis situations.

To login to online registration portal MUSEION CENTRAL click here:


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